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  • Hi, I'm Claudia!

    Think of me as your break-up buddy.

    Just like breaking up with that oh-so-hot (but oh-so-bad) boyfriend,
    you’re breaking up with unhealthy habits and unhealthy foods
    (you know–all that stuff we tend to love that doesn’t always love us back). 

    Tell me, sweet pea: is sugar (or carbs) the first thing
    you reach for when you’re upset, stressed or bored? 

    Do you notice you often feel tired, moody
    or bloated and just don’t feel good about yourself?

    Don’t worry–I’m going to help you find foods you love,
    that will love ya right back ♥

    You’ll start to enjoy your food without ANY guilt,
    and by the time our work together is done, you’ll feel like a new woman. 

    While rockin’ that cute new dress, of course.

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  • 10-day_v2Improve your energy, your mood, your skin
    & jump-start your weight loss in 10 days!

    1on1Learn to love your food & body during this
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  • Some love from clients...

    • "I'm more mindful of my food choices, my sleep has improved and I my energy has increased! Working with Claudia helped to reinforce the values I had in regards to my health and now I have the tools to move past any setbacks I may have in the future."
    • "Since working together, I'm more mindful of everything I eat and have started practicing yoga. I've implemented self-care, learned to set boundaries and put myself FIRST. I've created balance in my life and feel FREE."
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