You can live a guilt-free, sweet life.

Learn the exact steps to dump sugar, get to a healthy weight & drop the negative self talk...while indulging in foods you love (without the sugar crash or the guilt).

Claudia Petrilli Health Coaching

Let me guess...

You’re a hard working woman (with a huge heart) who just can’t seem to find the time to eat healthier or get to the gym.

You probably have no energy (or motivation), and rely on coffee, sweets and/or carbs to get you through the day.

And the idea of self care seems like a foreign concept, amiright?

But it doesn’t have to be so hard.

Hi, I’m Claudia. I’ll help you curb stress eating, find easy ways to eat delicious (and healthy) food and make time for yourself. All without giving up some of your favorites (hello, chocolate) or being forced to eat stuff you don’t like (good-bye, kale smoothies).

Cuz I believe you don’t have to deprive yourself in order to lose weight, feel good and love what you see in the mirror.

So stop the negative self-talk and grab my FREE Sugar Break-Up Checklist to learn how to indulge without the guilt, take better care of that body of yours and ultimately, live a sweet life.



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