A real man's approach to optimal living through whole food.

Working out, but can’t seem to get rid of that excess belly weight? 

Does the sound of eating a salad for dinner make you cringe?

Sick of looking in the mirror and not liking what you see?

Don’t worry–we’re going to fix that.

I’m going to help you shed the excess weight and show you how to eat REAL FOOD, so you can start to feel like the handsome man you’re meant to be.

BUT I gotta tell ya…lifting weights won’t do squat (pun intended) if you’re also lifting french fries and ice cream sundaes.

Client Praise

  • "My top goals when I enrolled in Claudia’s program were to get more education on good versus bad foods, to create a consistent routine with my meals and to find healthier options to satisfy my cravings. With Claudia’s valuable recommendations and my commitment to making healthier food choices, as well as getting back to a gym routine, I’ve lost a few pounds, have more motivation, more energy and a positive mindset. I’m usually tired at night, but was able to go for a run with my twin boys after work and that was great. As a result of the program, I feel as though I have many healthy options, am more mindful about reading food labels and have also cut back on my beer intake. I’m more committed to my health and believe I have the tools and knowledge to get past any setbacks in the future."

Getting a better body starts with your FOOD.

You know the saying…abs are made in the kitchen. 

All that hard work in the gym will get you nowhere without good food habits in place.

You’re not in college anymore.

Long gone are the days of binging on pizza and beer.

The pounds don’t drop as easily and it takes longer to bounce back.

But, this is not some vegan diet–you won’t have to eat kale or down green smoothies. 

You’ll get to eat REAL food, cuz you’re a REAL man. 

And you’ll still get to indulge in some of your faves, but healthier versions that will keep you feeling young and looking lean.

You may even learn how to cook a meal or two–and trust me, there’s nothing sexier than a guy who can cook.


Investment: $175 SALE: $149

So, what's included?

» One 45-minute consultation to review your intake form

» A customized plan with ways to improve your food and lifestyle habits

» Resources specific to your goals (recommended reading, recipes, meal ideas, supplements, etc.)

» Email support for 2 weeks

» Optional: 30-minute add-on sessions at $75 each

Ready to get down to business? Here’s how it works:

  • Intake form. Before our first session, I’ll ask you to fill out an intake form which covers your current food and lifestyle habits.

  • 45-minute session. Let’s get to work! During this 45-minute session, I’ll provide an extensive food & lifestyle review. We’ll discuss specific ways you can improve your current food and lifestyle habits in order to reach your health goals. 

  • Resources. Following the session, you’ll receive resources and recommendations I believe will help you get closer to your end goal (this may include recipes, supplements, meal ideas, reading material, etc).

  • 100% of my support. For 2 weeks, I’ll provide email support so you can ask me any questions (like when you’re craving a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, but want a healthier option).

Optional ADD-ONs:

Follow-up sessions

 Want even more one-on-one time with me? No problem! You’ll have the option to add on 30-minute follow-up sessions after the month is over.
$75 per session.

Food shopping trip

Do you get overwhelmed when you go to the grocery store? Not sure what’s healthy and what’s not? Let me give you a private tour! You’ll learn how to read labels, which items are necessary to
keep in your home and some of my favorite on-the-go snacks. 
$100 per hour.


BONUS #1 List of 35+ healthy snacks to satisfy all your cravings

BONUS #2 Take-out cheat sheet, so you make healthier choices when you’re out to dinner or ordering takeout


Investment: $175 SALE: $149

Who am I and why should you listen to me?


Hi, I’m Claudia. I’m a Certified Holistic Health Coach and have come a long way from where I was.

I used to have a ton of health issues like excess weight, fatigue, low blood sugar, headaches, constipation, bad skin and just wasn’t happy with my body.

But after years of having no energy, not sleeping well, being overweight and struggling with acne, I learned how food played a huge role in my health.

All the cardio and strength training in the world wasn’t going to help if I didn’t clean up my food.

After making some changes, my energy skyrocketed, my sleep improved, I cleared up my skin and lost about 30 pounds.

I’ve also dated my fair share of guys who thought they were “healthy” just because they worked out.

They had NO clue that the crappy food they were eating was stalling their progress at the gym. It was also making them cranky, moody and lowering their sex drive. 

There’s a whole lot of information out there for guys on how to get bigger arms, washboard abs and what protein powder to use, but not a whole lot of helpful information about what FOOD to eat.

And food, my friend, is your #1 ally.

Are you ready to get started?


Investment: $175 SALE: $149

Once payment is submitted, I’ll send you the intake form to fill out.

Once you send that to me, you’ll get a link to book your first session!

Have questions before you hit that button? No problem–email me at claudia@claudiapetrilli.com.