Sick of dealing with nagging health problems, without any answers?

It’s not your fault. There’s so much information that bombards you every day, from skipping carbs and doing a Keto diet…to avoiding meat and drinking green smoothies.

It’s confusing and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

The problem with all this advice is that it’s generalized. BUT what works for one person may not work for another. 

I’m here to clarify that for you.

You’re done with diets. You’re over juice cleanses. And you haven’t jumped on the kale bandwagon.

Great. Because I don’t believe in diets. I think cleanses can sometimes do more harm than good. And I certainly won’t force you into eating something you don’t like.

But I will guide you in the right direction, so you MUST be open to change. It’s the only way to reach optimal health.  

Learn about my private coaching below.

One & Done

This 60-minute session is perfect if you need some specific guidance on supplements, want my opinion on your recent lab work, or to pick my brain.

Investment: $175

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Deep Dive

This 3-month program is for you if you’re ready to make the changes needed to improve your overall health and lifestyle. I reserve this service only for clients who are truly committed to their health. 

Learn more below.

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Here’s how the Deep Dive works:

  1. Intake form. Before we chat, I’ll ask you to fill out an extensive intake form which covers your current food and lifestyle habits, as well as your main struggles, health history and more. 

  2. 1st session. During this recorded video session, I will provide a review of your intake form and give specific recommendations to help with your main health struggles, as well as discuss where you’re struggling the most, so I can better guide you (and so you can start seeing results ASAP). 

  3. Resources. After the session, you’ll receive resources I believe will help you get closer to your end goal (this may include suggested foods to eliminate/add, supplement recommendations, exercise modifications, necessary labs/blood work, questions to ask your doctor, etc).

  4. 2nd & 3rd sessions. During these sessions, we’ll review the changes you’ve made, results from any blood work/labs (if applicable) and discuss any roadblocks or setbacks you may be experiencing. I’ll support you and provide additional recommendations.

  5. Email support. During the 3 months, you’ll have access to me via email to ask any questions. 


This is for you if…

• Your latest blood work has you concerned
• You have bothersome symptoms, but doctors can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong
• You’re confused and overwhelmed by conflicting advice
• You’re open to trying new foods and making lifestyle changes
• You want to start feeling and looking better
• Investing in your health is one of your top priorities

This is NOT for you if…

• You’re married to your current food and lifestyle habits
• You’re not open to change
• You’re not willing to dig deep and look beyond food and lifestyle
• You’re looking for a quick fix
• You have excuses as to why you can’t make changes
• You’re not coachable, nor trust in my guidance


What you get...


Six bi-weekly recorded video sessions

Specific food & lifestyle recommendations

Email support for three months

Resources specific to your issues


• My Healthy Living Guide (includes everything you need to get started with healthier food & lifestyle habits)

• How to Have a Successful Doctor’s Appointment Guide (so you can feel confident at your doctor’s appointment, feel heard, & ask questions)

• 3-month membership to Real Plans meal planning service

Investment In Your Health

$897 (when paid in full)
Three payments of $315

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