These are some of the ladies I’ve had the pleasure of working with ♥


“I signed up for the 5-Day Winter Reset, because I wanted to change my eat habits and dip my feet into what Claudia had to offer. I was struggling with breakfast ideas; I didn’t want to just have coffee and a cookie…I also struggled with bowel movements, and trying to eat the right things. I thought her program was the first step into the rest of my eating habits, and my family’s eating habits. I really enjoyed all the recipes and snack ideas I received. The Facebook support was great, people sharing their thoughts and Claudia taking the time to interact with us, answering any questions we had. After 5 days, I noticed that I had more energy and I wasn’t binging on sugar when I was tired. Also, I now eliminate every morning, I don’t feel bloated, or sluggish and I can enjoy tea with just a bit of raw honey! I think I even lost some of my kangaroo pouch! I keep recommending Claudia’s programs to my family members.

– Carla K., Manalapan, NJ

“I loved the 5-Day Winter Reset! I love how the emails were short and to the point with helpful resources.
Even as a health coach myself, sometimes it’s a challenge for me to stay on track without someone to hold me accountable. 
I loved the way the program was presented and the things that were taught. Claudia’s level of support was perfect for the program. 
Highly recommend Claudia’s programs to others!”
– Anita T.

“My top goals for this program were to manage my weight, increase my energy and be more mindful around my food intake.

It was great having Claudia to hold me accountable, to talk about things and get out of my own head. I’m more mindful of my food choices, my sleep has improved and I noticed that my energy has increased since reducing my sugar and carb intake.

I now feel more awareness around food and in control in a healthy way. I’m not obsessive, but much more conscious of my choices.
And now I know how certain foods, like sugar, affect my body and how I feel.

Working with Claudia helped to reinforce the values I had in regards to my health and now I have the tools to move past any setbacks I may have in the future. I recommend working with Claudia because she is very knowledgable and the support was very valuable.”

– Elizabeth D., Charlottesville, VA

I wanted to improve my eating habits, manage my weight and improve my recent blood work results. 

Since working with Claudia, I’ve increased my vegetable and fruit intake, reduced gluten,
lost about 4 pounds and my energy has increased.
I’m more mindful of my food choices, whereas before I would grab unhealthy options, and then feel guilty afterward. 
I’m craving healthier choices, but still able to make some of my favorite meals, by swapping in healthier ingredients.
Claudia’s program reminded me how much food and moving your body affects your health. 
I definitely received support from her when I needed it and recommend her program. 
She reminded me how to eat for ME again. 

-Jennifer E., Union, NJ

“I started working with Claudia because I needed to lose weight, gain strength and get back some of my energy!
Before working with her, I was feeling run down, bloated and  just ‘blah’.

The customized plan Claudia created for me was very comprehensive and her recommendations for products & supplements were very helpful. The primary recommendations were cutting back on dairy and sugar. I’ve done both and already feel much better!

I recommend working with Claudia because she is very knowledgeable
and helped provide natural solutions to my bothersome symptoms.

– Susan D., Pataskala, OH

“I’m down a total of 10 pounds since I started your sugar cleanse. The biggest things I gave up were fast food, pointless snacking and desserts. That really helped big time and I’m seeing the results. I’m also using an exercise app and I’m noticing a difference for sure. I’ve stuck to a lot of the recipes and tricks to curb my sweet tooth. And for the first time in a long time, I feel amazing. Not only changing my diet, but a lot of self help to cut out stress and concentrate on what is important to me. No clue how I found you, but I’m so glad I did!  Thanks for encouraging and inspiring me! – Nicole E.


“The cleanse went really well!!! I really liked all of the recipes. I lost about 4 pounds after doing the cleanse. I was a little nervous going into it because I hadn’t done anything like this before. But, as I mentioned, the recipes were delicious, which is a lot different than eating boring salads or drinking just juice all the time. I LOVED the honey mustard chicken, black bean burgers and Mexican quinoa salad. It was a great experience and very doable!!! I highly recommend the Sugar Break-Up for anyone who is looking to start eating healthier or to get back on track.” -Allison K., Arlington, VA

“I actually started the cleanse early, so I did a full two weeks. In 14 days, I lost 7 pounds and my skin cleared up significantly–I felt great. And even better, now that I’m done, sugar really does not interest me–even my old favorites aren’t all that appealing. On the other hand, fruit is AMAZING! I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Over-indulging is my biggest health problem–bread, cheese, wine, sugary treats (in that order) are the biggest culprits. The cleanse definitely helped with all those cravings. I haven’t had any craving for alcohol or sugar. And only minimal for bread and cheese. Thanks so much for everything.” -Liz C., West Greenwich, RI


“I am on day 7 of the 10-day Sugar Cleanse. I am totally in love with the Easy Peasy Frittata! I have eaten it almost every day for breakfast, and it keeps me full for about 5 hours, which is completely not like me. I’m usually starving after an hour or two of a meal. I am also loving quinoa, the roasted veggies, avocado and the stuffed portobello mushroom. I have lost 5 pounds. I’ve also been going to the gym almost every day, and doing hot yoga. I feel great so far and have more energy!” -Kelly S., Roseland, NJ

“Claudia’s sugar cleanse is the best healthy eating plan I ever tried. The grocery list was an awesome starting point and forced me to shop differently. Her daily emails and recipes were perfect! As a result of my 10-day Sugar Cleanse, I feel so much less bloated, have great energy and even lost 3 pounds (which was a great bonus)! I am continuing my quest for healthy eating beyond the 10 days and am actually enjoying my new choices. I highly recommend the 10-day Sugar Cleanse as a perfect way to jump start your way to healthy eating!” -Margie M., Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

“I did very well with the sugar cleanse. I definitely am not craving the sugary stuff and I’ve continued using your healthy shopping list. I was retaining water, but I’ve changed from regular salt to sea salt. I love my green smoothie and I have been walking as much as I can. I’m feeling healthier and am very interested in your other programs.” -Stephanie C., Edison, NJ

“My husband and I are doing the cleanse together and have been sticking to it. So far, he’s lost 4 pounds and he told me my butt looks smaller! We’re snacking less and enjoying all the recipes.” -Natalie B., Clark, NJ

“I wanted to feel better and have more energy. This 30-day Jump-Start was just what I needed to get on track. The healthy recipes are easy to prepare and the one-on-on coaching sessions really kept me motivated. I recommend the program for anyone wanting to make dietary and lifestyle changes.” -Kelli W., Woodbridge, NJ

“I needed to get back on track after a long winter of comfort eating. I wanted to start a program for the warm weather ahead and found Claudia’s 30-day Jump-Start just at the right time. During the 30 days, I learned simple recipes with recognizable ingredients that I was able to find in my regular grocery store. I especially liked the healthy grocery list, the exercise guide and the snack list. I love snacking and the list is full of many healthy choices. I also really enjoyed the journal pages. I was able to write down everything I ate throughout the day, which kept me on track. Through the program, I learned to be mindful of what I put in my body, that cooking enables me to control my health, and the changes I made are changes I can continue long-term.” -Deb B., Piscataway, NJ

“Before I started working with Claudia, I was always tired, moody and unmotivated. When I began my 3-Month Program with her, my top goals were to eat healthier, lose weight and be more motivated to exercise. Through our work together, I not only achieved those goals, but I learned diets don’t work. Its about changing my lifestyle. I learned it’s not about the quantity of food you eat, but more about the quality. It was a learning journey that was effortless to me, as I never felt deprived. By eating the proper balance of healthy foods, I learned not to overeat and still feel satisfied. I have a much better understanding of how to achieve a healthy lifestyle naturally and look forward to continue to try new recipes and foods. Claudia helped me be happier, more confident and improve my self-esteem. She provided great support in our sessions, as well as through email. I absolutely recommend Claudia’s programs whether your’re goals are big or small.” -Heather T., Bowie, MD

“When I started working with Claudia, I wanted to manage my weight, be more consistent with healthy eating and exercising, but mostly, I wanted to stop the negative self-talk. During our work together, I not only started being more mindful of everything I was eating, but I also realized that I can have variety in my workouts. I started practicing yoga and I love it! Additionally, I started implementing self-care, learned to set boundaries and put myself FIRST. The sessions with Claudia were very beneficial and her recommendations were great. I often refer back to them when I’m having a tough day. After three months, I’ve created balance in my life and feel FREE. I absolutely recommend working with Claudia.” -Jill C., Clark, NJ

“I wanted to work with Claudia because I needed to make smarter choices when it came to taking care of me. Some of my goals while in the program were to eat out less, prepare more balanced meals, and improve my sleeping habits. Working with Claudia was very helpful because I had someone to hold me accountable, encourage me, and help me stay on track. I really enjoyed working with Claudia, because she is supportive, but also realistic; if I had an off week in the program, she wasn’t hard on me about it. We simply talked about what we could adjust to get things back on track the following week. Working with Claudia taught me that being healthy is not just about eating well–it’s about taking care of your whole self. Powering down at night so you can truly relax, meditating, and taking time to pamper yourself with things like hot towel scrubs is not just suggested, but required, if you want to be truly healthy.” -Julie J., Washington, DC

“Working with Claudia has truly changed my perspective on life. She is easy to talk to, a great listener, and is able to advise me on more than just nutrition. She has helped me to place value on fitness and my overall well-being by setting realistic goals for me to reach. I look forward to our sessions and always feel better afterwards.” -Rita G., Clark, NJ

“I had gained 15 pounds since this time last year. I felt puffy, had low energy, lack of motivation and skin breakouts. Since starting the cleanse, I have tons of energy! I have been working out at night, which hasn’t happened in 3 years. I’m usually too tired to do anything at night, now I’m zipping through my workouts. I also lost the belly bloating that I used to have. So far, I’ve lost 7 pounds! I highly recommend this cleanse.”– Krista W., Paris, ON (CAN)

“I’ve been working with Claudia for over 6 months. Over the course of those months, I learned to eat more healthy, whole foods and found an exercise regimen that doesn’t bore me. Claudia also introduced me to the work and research of Dr. Kelly Brogan. I learned the importance of gut health and the benefits of an anti-inflammatory die, which helps to reduce the risk of certain illnesses. For many years I suffered from anxiety and depression and sporadic lower back pain. Since working with Claudia, I was able to come off my anti-depressant (which caused weight gain) and I no longer have lower back pain. I went from a pant size 12 to a size 6/8. Claudia teaches what conventional doctors and nutritionists don’t. I’ve learned so much and appreciate all the support she provided to help me reach my health goals. If you’re truly serious and ready to make healthy lifestyle changes, reach out to Claudia.” -Daniela P., Washington, DC

“Claudia’s advice has helped me start eating foods that are good for me. Her passion for helping others is one of the reasons why I would recommend her. When you find someone with such a passion for what she does, and who genuinely cares about you and your well-being, you know you’re in good hands. Anyone can tell you what to eat or not eat, but Claudia truly cared enough to go above and beyond. She showed me how to change my life in a way that most traditional methods failed.” -Maria V., Union, NJ

“I was ready to commit healthier habits, like eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. That’s helped me to “move” what I eat!  I’m making a bigger effort to use alternative cooking methods (other than frying) like grilling and baking. My cholesterol and sugar levels are within normal range. I’ve been avoiding simple carbs and sugar. Eating healthy is easy when you plan ahead. Between all your tips and guidance, I’ve lost 6 pounds and am ready to keep going!” -Diane C.

“I attended Claudia’s Sugar Blues Workshop. I’ve always tried to stay away from junk food. However, I did make exceptions for candy and desserts on account of my sweet tooth. The way Claudia breaks it down for you is so easy to understand. Once you see how much sugar is in EVERYTHING–seriously, there is added sugar and artificial sweeteners in so much of the everyday things we eat–it’s pretty alarming. Claudia teaches you how to make some simple swaps and better choices. After cutting back on my sugar intake, I’ve had so much more energy and am even sleeping better at night. And I’m finally starting to see some fat melt away!” -Linda R., Randolph, NJ

“I attended Claudia’s Healthy Weight Loss Class. It was a great introduction. I’m looking forward to learning so much more over the next few weeks.” -Janet, Westfield, NJ

“I attended Claudia’s Weigh Less, Live More Workshop. Claudia provided easy, manageable and helpful tips and reminders to lose weight and keep it off. I encourage you to attend one of her events. She reminds you that there are many healthy alternatives to the not-so-healthy diet programs out there. I’m looking forward to her future workshops.” -Linda U., Clark, NJ

“I attended Claudia’s Manifest a Positive Mindset + Life Workshop. I am trying to stay positive after having a bad month of September. I liked the relaxing environment and that the workshop was interactive–it made me think about things in my life. I learned that everything starts with your mindset, and that you can really choose your reality. Claudia was very peaceful in her delivery and makes your feel comfortable sharing.” -Katie C., Scotch Plains, NJ

“I’m working on myself to get rid of my anxiety and be more positive. I thought the Manifest a Positive Mindset + Life workshop was very well put together. I loved the mantra cards and the worksheets. I learned to keep my head up and how to change my negative thoughts into positive ones. Claudia is awesome, glowing and clearly figured out a way to help herself so she can help guide others through her own experiences.” -Maria Z., Brooklyn, NY

“I decided to attend the Manifest a Positive Mindset + Life workshop to hear ways to find inner peace and happiness. It was a very comfortable setting, with real life issues discussed. I learned I need to take time for myself and that happiness and peace will come at the right time. I recommend Claudia’s events, because while we all know we need to take care of ourselves, sometimes we need to hear it.” -Annette D., Linden, NJ

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