Oh honey...oh sugar, sugar...you are my candy girl...and you got me wanting you...

Addicted to sugar?


Imagine this:

No more 3 pm crash, but instead, energy to get you through the day.

A better mood so you can be kinder to your kids and partner.

Clearer, healthier skin, so you can feel more confident.

What if you can start achieving these things…in as little as 10 days? 

These are the results women (like you!) are having with the Kick Sugar to the Curb program.

Investment: $47

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What kind of program is this?

It’s a whole foods-based program designed to “restart” your system, by giving your body a break from sugar, gluten, dairy, alcohol and hydrogenated oils.

You know–all that stuff we tend to love, that doesn’t necessarily love us back.

No diets. No shakes. No powders. No gimmicks.

During the 10 days, you’ll learn how food affects your body and mood. You’ll train your body to crave naturally sweet, REAL food.

Oh, and you’ll feel pretty amazing.

What are people saying?

  • "I decided to get serious about my health and get back in shape. You've really motivated me! I've stuck to a lot of the recipes in your program and the tricks I learned to curb my sweet tooth. For the first time, in a long time, I feel amazing. I’ve lost over 10 pounds since I started your program. I'm beyond glad I found you and that I made these changes in my life. Thank you for being an inspiration!" 
  • “In January 2015, my life changed unexpectedly. I lost my job, I was feeling down and very unhealthy. I had very little energy and was constantly exhausted. I decided to turn this event into an opportunity to get myself healthy, and signed up for Claudia's program. It changed my life for the best! This is not a quick fix diet. Claudia taught me how to change my eating habits and make real, simple lifestyle changes. Since starting this program, and continuing to follow the philosophies I learned in it, I have lost 25 pounds and have KEPT IT OFF for the first time since college!" 
  • "I did the program for 14 days, lost 7 pounds and my skin cleared up significantly.
 And even better, now that I'm done, sugar really doesn't interest me--even my old favorites aren't all that appealing.
 On the other hand, fruit is AMAZING! Over-indulging is my biggest struggle--bread, cheese, wine, sugary treats (in that order)
 are the biggest culprits. The cleanse definitely helped with all those cravings."

Hi, I’m Claudia. I’m a Certified Holistic Health Coach who helps men and women understand their cravings, dump sugar and find food and exercise they love, so they can feel more confident in themselves.

cropped-me_rounds.pngAs a former sugar addict, I often ate donuts for breakfast and spent hours on my couch eating candy by the bucketful
(seriously, I refilled that baby weekly to make sure I always had tons of sugar within reach).
I had it bad.

But after years of having no energy, low blood sugar, not sleeping well, being overweight and struggling with acne,
I learned how to understand and eliminate my sweet cravings.

As a result, my energy skyrocketed, my sleep improved, I lost about 30 pounds and cleared up my skin. You can too, and I’ll show you exactly how.

This program is for you if:

• You want to increase energy
• You want to reduce adult acne
• You want to improve your mood

• You want to jump-start your weight loss

• You are excited to try new foods + recipes

• You are ready to learn which foods fuel your body

• You are ready to make simple changes

This program is NOT for you if:

• You want a quick fix
• You don’t want to make changes
• You refuse to give up certain foods
• You don’t value your health
• You don’t think food or lifestyle habits affect you

Possible Results*:

• Increased energy 
• Improved mood
• Clearer skin
• Reduced bloating
• Better digestion and elimination

• Weight loss

*Individual results will vary. 

Ready to have more energy, clearer skin, a better mood and lose a few pounds?

Investment: $47

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What can I eat during this program?

Here are a few samples of the meals you get to enjoy for 10 Days!

mexican quinoabrowniebites chicken salmon fusili egg muffins

What’s included in the program?


• Beautifully-designed 50-page guide covering the benefits of removing sugar and how to do it!

• Over 55 suggested sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free recipes, including snacks (oh yes, SNACKS!)

• Grocery list for easy, stress-free shopping

• Self-care section to help you beat any cravings

• Daily emails delivered to your inbox with tips + strategies to quit the sweet stuff



BONUS #1: DIY meal planner sheet so you can easily plan your meals and snacks

BONUS #2: How much sugar are you consuming (you’ll be surprised!)?

BONUS #3: Take out options sheet so you make smart choices when dining or ordering out

BONUS #4: List of healthy snacks to satisfy cravings (my clients love this list!)

BONUS #5: 10 tips for dealing with sugar addiction (and how to kick the habit)


Will I starve during this program?

Absolutely not! If you follow me, you’d know how much I LOVE food. I would never want to give it up, nor would I ask you to. The suggested recipes in the program are deliciously mouth-watering.

Is this a cleanse?

NO! No juices. No powders. No shakes. No gimmicks. It is a WHOLE FOODS program. There is one kick-ass smoothie recipe included, but there are a bunch of other suggested recipes that you will surely love (and not only during the 10 days).

Who is this program for?

Anyone who has sugar cravings! It’s perfectly safe for everyone, as it’s completely whole-foods based. No juices, no shakes or powders. It’s great for anyone who wants to reduce cravings for sweets, bread, pasta, or any other simple carbs.

I don’t have time to cook–will this work for me?

I’m going to change that! Look, I don’t expect you to slave over a stove for hours on end cooking. Hell–I’m a busy gal too! Most (if not all) of the suggested recipes in the guide take between 10-30 minutes to make. Something I like to do is batch cook, where I make a bunch of recipes on one day and save them for the week. Or you could also double the recipes so you cook once and eat twice. Get it?

Will I lose weight?

My clients have lost anywhere from 3-7 pounds. So if you follow my lead, incorporate all the suggested recipes and self-care, you will most likely lose a few pounds.

Will I have any side affects?

Other than weight loss, an increase in energy, clearer thinking and a better mood, you might experience cravings and a possible headache during the first day or so. This is only because your body is so dependent on sugar. Push through it and you will not regret it.

Will I feel deprived?

Absolutely not! This is a NO-DIET zone. I believe in making smarter choices while still being able to enjoy your favorite foods. And even indulge now and then! See what some others had to say about the food HERE.

How can I access the guide?

The guide is a downloadable PDF that you can either print or save to your phone and/or iPad. That way, you can take your list on-the-go to grocery shop or to help you make the right choices when dining out. 

What do I do after the 10 days?

Some folks love the program so much, they continue to use the suggested recipes, grocery list, and self-care suggestions. Others are so motivated to make more changes, they move on to one of my other programs.

How do I get started?!

Click the button below to purchase the program. You’ll be directed to a secured PayPal page to complete your payment. Once your payment has been completed, you’ll receive a welcome email from me with your Recipe Guide, Grocery List, DIY Meal Planner and Take-Out Options guide. And be on the lookout for daily emails fully supporting you through this journey. You’re going to do great and you’re well on your way to a sweet life 😉

What is your refund policy?

I truly believe in the value this program provides and am confident you will love the recipes, support and content. That said, I’m offering a 3-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you buy the program and realize it’s not for you, I’ll give your money back within 3 days of the program start date. All you have to do is email claudia@claudiapetrilli.com and I will arrange a refund. 

Ready to feel better than you have in ages?

Investment: $47

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