Pick-Me-Up Java Smoothie

coffee smoothie, collagen smoothie, paleo smoothie, paleo breakfast, easy breakfast recipe, dairy-free smoothie, dairy-free breakfast, chocolate and coffee recipeI don’t consider myself a smoothie junkie (call me crazy, but I like to chew my food), but in the warmer months, I definitely appreciate a refreshing smoothie.

I also really appreciate coffee. I can’t think of many smells that I love more than coffee. Mmmm.

That said, I try my best to avoid caffeine. Solely for the purpose of SLEEP. I love sleep and I spent wayyyy too many years not getting any and being addicted to caffeine. It was a viscous cycle. Until I made the switch to decaf, then on to tea. Now I sleep MUCH better.

That said, I still love the taste of coffee and when I do have it, it’s organic, decaf and fair trade. I buy mine from Trader Joe’s. I love that it comes in whole beans and you get to use their machines to ground the beans yourself. I literally want to stick my face in the container when it’s freshly ground. Yeah, I’m THAT weirdo in the store.

Anyhoo, my man and I adopted a puppy about 6 months ago and let’s just say neither of us are getting uninterrupted sleep. Who knew a puppy would be like having a kid?

So, I’ve noticed I’ve been a little tired in the afternoons. Instead of reaching for sweets or a giant mug of coffee (what I USED to do), I grab a healthy snack. And one snack I enjoy is a smoothie. So I got a little creative in the kitchen and came up with this delicious concoction which has chocolate, coffee and nut butter.

WTF. Why did I never think to do this before?

OK…ready for the recipe? Pretty sure you’ll love me for it…

Pick-Me-Up Java Smoothie 


-1 cup almond (or coconut milk)
-1/2 frozen banana
-2 tbsp almond (or cashew) butter
-1 tbsp flax seeds (whole, not ground)
-1 tsp ground decaf coffee
-2 ice cubes
-1 scoop collagen (optional)


Blend all ingredients in order listed and sprinkle some coffee on top.

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-Claudia xo



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