Kiss bad habits goodbye, say hello to a new you!

Are you sick of feeling disappointed every time you step on the scale?

Do you loathe going to the gym and have ZERO interest in exercise? 

Do you have trouble falling asleep, or worse, wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back asleep again??

Feeling too bloated to button your jeans, being too exhausted to go to the (overpriced) gym, and staring at the clock in the middle of the night ARE SIGNS YOU NEED TO MAKE SOME CHANGES.

Change? Ugh. Who has time for that? YOU DO. And I’m going to help you. Cuz change can be scary and confusing. But I’m going to show you how easy (and dare I say, FUN?) it can be when you have an experienced health coach guiding you.

We’ll laugh, we’ll try new foods, we’ll gab about how to catch more Zzz’s…

But the best part? You’ll feel like a million bucks at the end of our 4 weeks together. 

Introducing…Healthy Habits Hook Up!

During this 4-week program, you’ll learn:

>> Which foods are nourishing your body and which ones are hurting you (it’s not what you think)

>> Ways to fit in exercise you love (without spending hours in a gym)

>> How to avoid that 3 pm slump (and not reach for coffee or sweets)

>> How to “shut down” at night so you can sleep like a baby  

>> How to feel less bloated (and more confident) in your clothes  

>> How to have more energy to do the things you love (instead of passing out on the couch) 

I won’t make you measure food, count calories, drink green juice (unless you want to) or do exercise you hate.

You’ll learn about foods that nourish you–inside and out, which foods might be making you sick, how to improve your sleep (game changer), manage stress and have more FUN in life. Who doesn’t want more fun?

And once you go through my program, you’ll have the skills to get a healthy body that you love. Pinky swear.



Who am I?


Hi, I’m Claudia. As a holistic health coach (and someone who lost 30 pounds over 10 years ago), I will teach you a comprehensive approach to a healthy life. Because no matter how many salads you’re eating, if you’re not addressing other areas in your life (sleep, stress, hormones, fun), that pesky weight will NEVER stay off.

It took me awhile to figure all this out, but I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did. There’s no magic pill, no miracle powder, but if you want results that will last a lifetime, I’ll show you how.

What are people saying?

  • I joined this program because I wanted to learn how to eat better and how to fit exercise into my day. I loved that you recorded all the sessions so I could listen when it was convenient. I enjoyed the handouts because I can read them after the program is over to keep me on track. I also enjoyed the Facebook group, because you can learn from the other members. After the program, I'm feeling a lot better. I'm a work in progress and will use the tools that we learned to stay on path to a healthier lifestyle.
  • My husband and I have been trying to make changes to improve sleep and manage stress. All of your resources helped me get on track. I loved the call recordings, because with a 1-year old son, it's hard to attend live calls. My ideas around overall health and weight loss have changed since doing your program. We all have stressful lives, but making smart choices, like eating an apple instead of a donut is a huge step in the right direction and you've shown me how to do that.
  • I have learned so much and you have really inspired me to take action into making healthier choices! Though I buy a lot of organic food, I have been making sure I buy organic meat and sticking to wild-caught fish, now realizing this is an important choice. The main thing I received from this program is the fact that you really show how much happier you are for being healthy and how much better you feel, without feeling deprived. I still have so much to look forward to, and feel I can do this now without constantly thinking about my weight. Thank you!
  • I joined this program because I had great results with Kick Sugar to the Curb and was looking to make some long-term changes toward a consistently healthy lifestyle. Since starting the program, my sleep changes are huge! I didn't realize how important they were for my health. I have way more energy and feel much better when I get 8+ hours of sleep, reduce blue screen time at night, and awake to my sunlight alarm clock. It also seems to make it way more likely that I'll stay on track with food and exercise. The content was great, as was your support.
  • I'd been curious about virtual health coaching, so when a friend invited me to join her, I was very excited to try it! My main struggles were finding discipline to exercise and new ways to improve my poor sleep quality. I've implemented several changes, particularly relating to sleep and stress, such as scheduling time to take breaks at work, making sleep a priority, listening to my body and what it needs, releasing stress through exercise and movement and how important it is to decompress daily. The group calls were great--other participants had great questions and concerns that maybe I hadn't thought about. And the content was great! I've referred to it multiple times since and am still learning.

Why I created this program?

I created this program because there is SO much conflicting information out there on nutrition and fitness.

Don’t get me started on the quick fixes! All those shake and supplement companies are doing much more than making big promises–they’re making people SICKER.

There are doctors handing out prescription medications (with dangerous side effects) like candy.

Diabetes, obesity, insomnia, depression and cancer are on the rise and I’m SICK and TIRED of seeing people suffer, when I KNOW IN MY HEART there’s a better way.

What makes this program different?

Most diets don’t teach you the most important things when it comes to weight loss and overall health, such as:

how to read ingredient lists, rather than focus on calories and nutrition labels

 which foods cause inflammation in the body, which can present itself as excess weight, headaches, digestive problems and more

how your sleep and hormones are incredibly important to your overall health (and how to balance them)

 which workouts are safe (and which ones can keep you from losing weight–or worse, add more stress to your body!)

which foods help to burn fat and more importantly, help to remove toxins

For 4 weeks, we'll cover:


Learn all the reasons you crave certain foods (it’s more than stress!), how to tap into your emotions, feel your feelings and find out what your body (and soul) truly need  


Learn how to incorporate naturally cleansing whole foods into your day (no matter how busy you are) & which foods increase energy, jump-start weight loss and improve overall health


Learn how the amount and quality of sleep are equally important in order to sustain energy, remove toxins and balance hormones (with my fool-proof tips to get your Zzz’s) 


Learn how to manage stress in as little as 5-10 minutes each day to increase gratitude, positivity and promote weight loss. PLUS: have more fun, worry less and enjoy guilt-free down time!


Learn how to practice safe movement to promote weight loss and improve muscle tone (no gym needed), PLUS: learn the BEST foods to help you burn fat and increase muscle tone!

This is for you IF...

♥ You’re ready to prioritize your health

♥ You want to make simple changes to get REAL results

♥ You don’t believe in quick fixes or miracle weight loss methods

♥ You believe you can feel and look better with my help


Are you ready for the Healthy Habits Hook Up!?


 When you join, you’ll get:

» LIVE Weekly Calls where we’ll talk about your struggles, as well as hold each other accountable in making simple changes

» Weekly Emails for inspiration and with a different topic we’ll address each week

» Private Facebook Group for daily support from me and others in the program–this is a safe space to share struggles, as well as wins during the program

» 15+ Resource Guides to help you get results–-including: 

-Tips for Portion Control

-Top Weight Loss Foods

-Easy Ways to Manage Stress

-Movement to Get Results

-12 Steps for Better Sleep & more!

PLUS: supplement, essential oil & product recommendations, as well as strategies I use (personally and with private clients) that will help you reach your goals

Ready to finally feel confident in your summer clothes?





My Healthy Living Guide: A Comprehensive Plan to Create a Healthy & Fun Life. This guide covers which foods you should enjoy and which to avoid, as well as the basic foundations (sleep, stress, fun) for a healthy and fun life! 




60 Quick & Easy Whole Food Recipes. This ebook includes 60 DELICIOUS and EASY to prepare meals that also happen to be healthy for ya! You’ll get recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & even dessert!


A 30-minute Private Coaching Session (via phone/video call) with me ($100 value)! During this call, we’ll discuss your biggest struggles and I’ll give my top recommendations so that you can take action and get closer to your health goals!


I truly believe in the value this program provides and am confident you will love the weekly calls, resources and daily support. 

That said, I’m offering a 14-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you buy the program and realize it’s not for you, I’ll give your money back within 14 days of the program start date. All you have to do is send an email to: and I will arrange a full refund. 




Questions about the program?

Contact me!

Ready to get back to basics and learn how to listen to your body? STOP staying up late to google your symptoms and learn how to be your own health advocate.

Don’t make the same mistakes I did…jumping from doctor to doctor and getting frustrated.

I’ll support you through this process and help you get answers to your bothersome symptoms. And if I can’t help you, I’ll direct you to someone who can.

It’s time to put yourself first and start to feel like the radiant, beautiful person you’re meant to be. 

If you have any questions about the program or bonuses, email me at I’d be happy to answer any questions until you feel comfortable and confident to invest in me and yourself <3